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If you have photos that need to be retouched, you came to the right place. See our ‘Our Work‘ page to see samples. Send us an email for inquiries.


Photography and editing techniques made simple. Read our blog to learn more.

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Before and After

Who am I?

I aim to share my love for this art by blogging about photography and editing stuffs.
I am also offering photography services mainly retouching photos.

  • Basic photo retouching (online)
  • Photography services
  • Basic SLR tutorial, both online (e-Book is coming soon), and one on one
Photography Tutorial
Editing Tutorial

NEED HELP IN RETOUCHING YOUR PHOTOS? Send me an email and a sample of a photo you want to be edited. Try us out!

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Remove Clutter In Photoshop Using Clone Stamp Tool

Your job as an artist is to make your viewers feel how you feel about something. You have to make them see what you really want them to see – your subject. Make them see the subject! Here are few ways to do this. Use your lighting well. Make sure the subject is well lit. […]

I Am The Best

I AM THE BEST Can you say that to yourself? Sure, if I know all these stuffs, you might answer, but the thing is, you only know the triangle exposure (download the e-book about triangle exposure, for FREE). But the thing is, all these stock knowledge won’t make one superior to anyone. What matters is […]

You Need Expensive Camera To Take Amazing Pictures?

Question: DO YOU NEED AN EXPENSIVE CAMERA TO GET AMAZING PICTURES? Just this morning, a friend said to me, “I believe you don’t have to use the most expensive camera to have beautiful photos,” then showed me the pictures she took with her LG G2 mobile phone. She just came back from El Nido, Palawan, […]

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