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February 24, 2017

Working Remotely

I woke up today and I’m in San Juan, La Union, one of the surfing spots in the Philippines.

I went to the beach and checked out the waves if it’s safe for me to surf, unfortunately, waves were too small, a lot smaller when I came here first, so I decided to wait until afternoon for better waves. We ate breakfast at around 10 AM. I ordered tocilog (tocino – cured pork, itlog – egg, and kanin – rice) for only 120 Php, that’s like 2.44 USD. Very cheap.

We dined overlooking the beach. The weather was hot, but not muggy, so it was good, and it’s Friday, so there’s not a lot of people, yet.

As I am working waiting for my internet to get faster to be able to edit my blogs, I overheard a couple speaking in French, I couldn’t help but talk to them.

They were nice and friendly. I taught them some Filipino words/phrases. They are from Marseille, a place in France south of Paris. They are both senior citizens, visiting my country. They told me they’re going to Baguio tomorrow for the Panagbengnga Festival (Flower Festival). I told them they have to have at least a hotel reservation because there’s always a lot of people visiting Baguio during the festival.

So this is how working remotely feels. I am loving the vibe now. And I am seriously hoping this thing will work for me.

Until then, I’ll have to go back working – editing photos from a birthday party I shoot few days ago.

As the French people say, “au revoir,” meaning goodbye.

Ohhhhhh, wait, well, one thing I can tell you (that is related to photography) is that OUTDOOR photography is very easy, as a matter of fact, I took all the photos using my phone (iPhone 5). Camera phones, digital and go pro, these devices are okay to use especially in this case – in the beach, because you have a lot of AVAILABLE LIGHT. Photography is all about lighting. The lower the available light, the harder it is to get a good photo (exposure).

Okay, I’ll have to say “au revoir” for now, have to edit some photos, and then I’ll write something about AVAILABLE LIGHT. Stay tuned.



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